Our Machinery

We have the latest generation of semi-automatic and fully automatic machines from renowned manufacturers like Arburg, Arno Fuchs, Artos, Komax, Lumberg, Stocko, Strunk or Tekuwa, which are individually tailored to our applications. Our long experience guarantees that our products are delivered with the right specifications, quality level and requested time at your plant. Most of our machines are sourced from the Swiss company Komax: intensive cooperation and systematic investments lead to innovations and improvements, so that our machinery is state-of-the-art.

Overview of our machinery:

  • ARBURG plastic injection molding machines
  • ARTOS CS-26 A
  • ARNO FUCHS Schneidmaster 12
  • HELLERMANNTYTON Autotool 2000 (automated assembly of cable ties)
  • KOMAX Zeta 633 with assembly unit 655
  • KOMAX Zeta (fully automatic assembly of IDC housings of Lumberg)
  • KOMAX Alpha 477
  • KOMAX Alpha 433-L
  • KOMAX Alpha 432 mit Sigma block loading station
  • KOMAX Alpha 422
  • KOMAX Gamma 311
  • KOMAX Kappa
  • KOMAX 43
  • KOMAX 42
  • KOMAX 40
  • KOMAX 40 with tinning station
  • KOMAX 30
  • KODERA C 451 A
  • Loctide Henkel dosed bonding device
  • STOCKO Ecomat
  • STOCKO WT 165.5
  • STRUNK welding stations M4F
  • Pad printing machines
  • TEKUWA cutting machines for jacket cables


We mainly use polycarbonate, PBT and polysulphone on our ARBURG plastic injection molding machines. The housings, cores and lenses are essential parts of our signal lights.


Our fully automatic KOMAX machines monitor the cutting, crimping and assembly process by crimp force control and push-pull test during the production. Incorrect crimp connections or assemblies are immediately sorted out and reproduced.


Wires are usually produced fully automatically. We can produce all common wires from 0,125 mm² on our machines. Moreover we have a wide variety of different wire types and cross-sections on stock.

Our machinery provides the following possibilities of wire processing and finishing: 

Cutting to size, zero cut, partial or full stripping wit separate steps, intermediate stripping, compacting and tinning.

In case of wire production with terminals you can rely on our extensive range of flat receptacles, tabs, ferrules, ring terminals and claw lugs. We collaborate closely with reputable suppliers such as JST, Lumberg, Molex, Tyco and Stocko. With over 700 tools we usually have the appropriate terminals and tools on stock fitting for your solution.