Supplying Industry


Domestic Appliance Industry

The cookers division is our most important source of revenue. Particularly in the product family oven & hobs, we have developed a strong core competence in the recent years. Today, a wide range of famous domestic appliance manufacturers count on ARCUS products. Among them for many years: Electrolux - the world´s largest producer of appliances for kitchen, cleaning and outdoor use.


ARCUS is a dedicated service provider, whose aim is to provide an exemplary service and outstanding quality. We produce to customer order – you benefit from our competence and experience.

Electric devices / Power Tools

The power tools business has grown tremendously in recent years. Wiring harnesses and modules become more complex and contain enhanced electromechanical components for demanding applications. This results in an increasing significance of automation and process control.


Through our innovative technology, we were able to expand our product portfolio and our position as quality system supplier for cable harnesses in the global market. Through our expertise and targeted investments in new machinery, we have also gained new clients in the division of vacuum and steam cleaners. 

Heating technology

In the product division of heating technology, we assemble special wires for thermostats, sensors and boilers. Such sensors are used for measuring temperatures in the gaseous environment of heatings, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Controls and valve actuators

Our harnesses can also be found in applications like controls and valve actuators. The high quality level of our harnesses is required to withstand the rugged environment. 

Switch cabinet construction / Communication

Our customers appreciate our flexibility in the production of different components – both for high volumes and for small batch